Catherine Lastre - Coaching en entreprise et reconversion professionnelle
Catherine Lastre
PCC - Professional Certified Coach - International Coach Federation

Welcome to Leaning Connection :
Training for organisations, life and business coaching

The world we live in is changing more and more rapidly and the challenges each of us face sooner or later mean we, at least need to adapt to the world and at best to take part in its construction.

To meet these challenges it is essential to know oneself well and to recognise the skills we need.

I have a deep conviction that everyone has the power to improve themselves in order to accomplish their mission, be really themselves, happy and effective.

This strong belief, active listening, and natural curiosity are the pillars on which I coach and train. I see myself as a lifelong learner and an explorer of human potential: my mission is to help others to develop and be happy in an ever-changing world.

We need courage and a great sense of responsibility to dare to take charge of our own development.

To accompany clients on these well-known and yet to be discovered paths is a great joy in my life. My role as a coach is to stimulate, encourage, offer active listening and competence.


  • Management courses
  • In-house coaching
  • High tech coaching
  • Life coaching

Our practice relies upon being able to work in an international context helped by my bilinguism, mobility, and a great sense of responsibility.

We have a passion for communication and organisation, which I consider as the core skills that everyone can improve in their working environment.


  • Management and coaching
  • Communication (oral, written, coaching)


  • High-management directors
  • Middle-management directors
  • First range managers
  • Small business owners
  • Administrative employees
  • Beginner coaches
  • Training organisations
  • Anyone facing a professional or personal challenge, a change, or a transformation.
  • Students

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