Catherine Lastre - Coaching en entreprise et reconversion professionnelle
Catherine Lastre
PCC - Professional Certified Coach - International Coach Federation

Life coaching and business coaching

Coaching in two words: stimulation, encouragement!

My catch phrase is : "There is no happiness without freedom, nor freedom without courage."

I cultivate these values in a spirit of lifelong learning and sharing and endeavour to consider coaching as a backing partnership.

I guide my client from point A to point B and the added value is to allow my "champion" to reach their objective rapidly and effectively.

My role as a coach is to:

  • Clarify objectives
  • Allow multiple answers to emerge, enlarge horizons, and encourage creativity
  • Ask pertinent questions that give the opportunity to think
  • Listen without judgment nor advice
  • Put my coachee into action and make them step out of their comfort zone
  • Complete the coachee’s knowledge
  • See and help to see what is lacking to allow the coachee to reach their objective by themselves
  • Use my intuition to hear more than what is said
  • Give direct and appropriate feedback

Examples of clients objectives :

  • Create my own methodology (managers, employees, entrepreneurs)
  • Adapt to new challenges (managers, entrepreneurs, technical managers)
  • Transform myself: be more self-confident, be more organized, be more assertive.
  • Improve my team management
  • Settle a difficult situation with my colleagues or partners
  • Return to being motivated
  • Dare to make a life change
  • Add clarity to what I am doing
  • Elaborate a winning strategy
  • Get to know myself better
  • Accept a painful situation
  • Be more effective

The coaching model is based on one hour meetings, followed by the coachee doing agreed actions. I use active listening, mirroring techniques, visualization, direct feedback, and action plans.

Every meeting has its own objective which can be sent to in advance.

Interesting to know: What coaching is not.

As the word “coaching” is somewhat overused today, it’s good to define it’s true meaning.

A lot of people can become professional coaches, but this involves a lot of self-discipline, knowledge and experience. Coaching is not:

  • Pure training: in that case the client only wants to “learn something”. Coaching allows the client to “change something” in his vision, behavior, situation and to put into practice what they learn.
  • Counseling or mentoring: a counselor has their own way of seeing things, and a mentor their own experience. Their clients want to “copy” them or “listen to their advice”. Coaching allows the client to create their own vision and to make it reality within a supportive partnership. The coach is a backing partner who doesn’t audit and solve problems themselves
  • Therapy: the client mustn’t be in distress when they go into the coaching process. On the contrary they need a high energy level! It is also the role of the coach to enable that. The goal of the client is not to step back into normality, but to reach a different state to which they are currently in.
  • Gurouism: the coach wants the client to be more and more autonomous and certainly not his belief follower! The client must be ready to create his own path.