Catherine Lastre - Coaching en entreprise et reconversion professionnelle
Catherine Lastre
PCC - Professional Certified Coach - International Coach Federation

Training and workshops

Training is a particularly efficient opportunity for participants to enlarge knowledge and implement it concretely in everyday working life.

This state of mind motivates me in participating with my clients in the development of training programmes that meet the challenges of organisations.

I work with training companies on the adaptation of their programmes, and with organisations and small businesses on the skills and competences they want to focus on as in-house development. Within this framework, a training programme can be of a crucial importance to operate a change of course or add value to new organisation projects.

Working in French and English allows me to meet my clients’ international needs. In this situation I also translate course material.

The following courses are available:

  • Managing Activities - 1 day
  • Personal Effectiveness - 1 day
  • Time management - 1 day
  • Team Management - 2 days
  • Strategic Management - 1 day
  • Oral Communication - 2 days
  • Chairing a meeting - 1 day
  • Written communication in organizations - 1 day
  • Leadership - 1 day
  • Mind mapping - 1 day
  • Assertiveness - 1 day
  • Adaptive intelligence, emotional intelligence - 1 day
  • Coaching Essentials - 1 day

After training participants fill in an evaluation grid which allows us to continually improve the contents, facilitation and pedagogical material.