Personal Route

Personal Route

It is a chance to have had a professional and personal route that enriched me with knowledge and experience.

Very comprehensive and demanding academic studies allowed me to perceive the wide range of the possibilities that are given to us. Very soon in my life, first as a student then as a teacher I realize how powerful it is to possess a good methodology, to access the right resources and to share knowledge.

This observation, and the interest I have for the methodological aspects of a problematic have led me to work for more than twenty years in the field of coaching for university students. During that period I have gone more thoroughly into these aspects, above all by analysing my colleagues and my own experiences and creating a coaching model within my own organisation.

The challenge of creating my own business taught me other essentials: the importance of efficient team-workmanagement and work organisation, both personal and collective, and the vision that an entrepreneur must develop. I have enjoyed a wonderful experience working with around thirty colleagues.Many students have improved their methodology thanks to our services.

At the core of any efficiency is communication, which I consider as an essential skill.

During this exciting and creative period, full of experience and discoveries I perhaps forgot that my primary mission is to be a direct and personal partner to others throughout their development and projects.

From one opportunity to the next I engaged in more and more projects, discovered large and global organisations and began to work in an international context. In order to free myself more often from my business, I implemented ingenious processes and based my management on coaching. My own organisation had then reached maturity.

Having more and more calls for missions in corporates or international institutions, I was faced with a choice between my activities: so I have chosen to deepen my knowledge and devote my professional life entirely to the practice of coaching and training.

In addition, I have created a writing methodology for professional documents.